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Audit & System Study

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Technical Audit

Electrical power system equipment and environment must be kept in top condition to insure efficient and safe operations. A PROMSERV Electrical System Technical Audit reviews system engineering studies, operational procedures, code compliance and a variety of other items to help keep your system in top operating condition.

An electrical system audit will provide an independent third party evaluation of the condition of your electrical system including:

  • The integrity of the electrical system in terms of operational safety and security.
  • The adequacy of the circuit breakers and fuses to safely and reliably clear any faults.
  • The adequacy and the compatibility of the overall protection system.
  • The ability of the electrical protective devices to properly protect the affected equipment from damage and minimize the chance of false trips causing unnecessary interruptions to production.
  • The ability of the electrical protective devices to provide selective tripping.
  • Compliance with local Code and other relevant regulations.

Short Circuit Analysis & Protection Coordinating Study

At Promserv, studies are conducted by field engineers with practical field experience and the protection systems are tested at site to work in accordance to settings recommended in the studies. In other words, the results are verified to work in the field and not a mere numerical exercise. Most importantly, backup support in analyzing tripping phenomenon shall be provided for all studies conducted.

A short circuit and coordination study is critical for the safe, efficient and economical operation of any electrical distribution system. How do you know if a protection system and the circuit breaker it is connected to will work when called upon to interrupt an electrical fault or short-circuit? The answer is, you probably don’t know for sure. What is needed is a short-circuit/protection coordination study done on your electrical system to ensure that personnel and equipment are protected by establishing proper interrupting ratings. This study will provide a basis for the discrimination and performance of overcurrent and earth fault relays and ensures that the bus fault levels are within the circuit breaker short circuit rating. Through coordination study, we propose the optimal protective relay settings based on the sensitivity and the selectivity requirements for protecting the equipment and their coordination between the first line and immediate upstream protection. The objective is to clear faults as fast as possible with minimal interruption of supply without compromising the safety of personnel and the extent of equipment damage.